About the Program

Our past can help us build our future.

The Minto Expatriate Program is an initiative that aims to bring back community expatriates who grew up in Minto and moved away for school, work, or any other reason. The program is designed to reach out to these expatriates and remind them of the benefits of living in Minto, so that they will be inspired to ‘repatriate’.

These benefits include access to family and friends, lower cost of living, safety, sense of community, quality of life, and many others.

The Minto Expatriate Program reaches expatriates through this website, social media, direct mail from family and friends, and events. The Town of Minto is working with partners to provide the best career, business, and real estate opportunities to make the transition home as easy as possible.

For more information about the program, contact:

Belinda Wick-Graham, BTS (Hons.), Ec.D., CEcD
Business & Economic Manager
Town of Minto
519-338-2511 x  241